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Hello, my name is Janine

  • Does your baby not sleep well or fall asleep easily? Do you feel stressed and desperate? Are you looking for a long-term, relaxed and gentle solution? Do you no longer know where you can get the strength on an everyday basis to help your child sleep easily with love and patience?  
  • Do you want a loving relationship with your partner, even if you are stressed and have little time? Do you want more from everyday life? Do you want a stronger relationship with each other again?
  • Your wish for a baby is so huge, but you just can’t get pregnant, neither naturally nor with medical help?
  • You don’t “just” want to be a mom, but also want to be successful in self-employment? Do you want more from your life, more time with your children and at the same time have the confidence to start your own business as a coach or mum entrepreneur?

Then let’s have a look together!

I am Janine Diehl, baby sleep coach, systemic coach & family therapist and I help you to remember what your body and soul can do in your own system – to look more into the depth! I am a mother of a sensitive 3-year-old child!I will help you to find your own way with your baby and to become a mum with a fulfilled and joyful attitude with your baby, toddler and partner & help you create your own, independent business online.

Yours Janine Diehl

My vision for more relaxed mothers & families

Being relaxed, serene and confident as mum and dad!Nevertheless, an unfulfilled wish to have children, or having sleeping and feeding difficulties with babies and toddlers are some of the most difficult problems that parents are faced with in the first few years.

How can you react in a relaxed and conscious way in these situations? Early childhood bonding experiences with parents have a very large influence on the overall development and personal success of the child (e.g., development of autonomy, self-confidence, self-efficacy, etc.).

Stressed children have to compensate a lot, are less able to learn and are often more insecure and have lower self-esteem.

But it doesn’t have to be: relaxed parents = relaxed children. And so let your child grow up in a relaxed environment with sensitive and mindful parents!

To observe and guide the development of a child can be a challenge, but also an opportunity.


Every family is different
So is yours!

As parents, you can learn to look very sensitively at what your child really needs. More security? More safety? More rhythm? More confidence?

Every child is as unique as their fingerprint, and so is every family.

I help you to look into the soul of your child and at the same time not to forget what you need.

Get to know yourself, your child, your partner and your personal needs and limits even more deeply and leave feeling stronger and grown as a person.

Nobody can do magic or learn to sleep instantly, but you can learn to strengthen the basic trust and self-confidence of your child in such a way that you can help them to sleep confidently anywhere.

In the beginning the focus is almost always on the child, and as a result your relationship may suffer! But as parents and lovers, you can first learn to grow together as a “team”. I would like to assist you here!


Clarity Session


Clarity Session

What? Together we connect live via zoom and discuss your topic (child sleep, desire for children, relationship or online business). Together we will walk through the systemic work in your body and thus experience further insights. I establish the connection to your higher self and open the channels for more insight, knowledge and healing energy.

Our discussion will give you more clarity about your life situation and how you can deal with your child in a positive way and/ or change your business.


Procedure? After booking, you will briefly describe your topic and the most important question you have on your mind by email. We’ll make an appointment.

Duration? Approx. 60 minutes,
live video session with audio recording, 1-1

Price? 155 € (incl. value added tax)


I’ll help you

Let me help you create a relaxed sleep routine for you and your child, a loving relationship with your partner, in the desire for a baby & also in the search for your professional fulfilment as a mum.



Unfulfilled desire to have children


Happy children, happy parents

That’s what my clients say

“Thanks to the coaching, we were able to significantly reduce waking up at night and falling asleep works for both mum and dad, without breastfeeding and without carrying, stress-free and safe, at noon and in the evening! We have all become more relaxed and can now deal better with the few difficult situations!”

Hille & Till

„The coaching has brought back so much quality of life for us and our entire everyday life has changed as a result! My daughter wasn’t a very good sleeper … When we wanted to put her to bed, she just screamed and it was a fight and I was totally desperate.

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Steffi T.


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