Gentle sleep coaching for babies & toddlers

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Every child can learn to sleep - but how?

Are you feeling desperate, perplexed and permanently overtired?

Do you wish that your baby and toddler can be put down, and sleep for longer periods of time?

Do you see yourself breastfeeding, wearing, swaying your child to sleep? Sometimes does this not work anymore either?

I understand you and would like to help you to build positive sleep associations for you and your baby, and help you experience joyful moments together!

Bond and basic trust

If you can create a sensitive, secure bond with your baby from the beginning, your baby will be able to learn a more relaxed sleeping behaviour in the long term.

A loving and clear attitude based on love and security, helps babies and toddlers from four months to four years to learn to sleep peacefully.

Learning to sleep takes some time!
But it also needs clarity and consistency. But you can learn influence their sleep behaviour right from the start. Only securely bound children sleep relaxed and like babies. Become the closest and most sensitive attachment person for your child.


For relaxed days and nights

Sleeping goes hand in hand with the personality of the child and every child’s needs have to be coordinated sometimes a little more sensitively between parents and children – I will help you with this process personally, individually and holistically.

Some babies find it more difficult to fall asleep and find it harder to find their way from one sleep phase to the next – while others find it much easier to do so.

Maturing processes of the brain and positive experiences of self-regulation and self-confidence also play an important role.

I will help you to become the expert to find out exactly what your baby needs in different situations and during different developmental phases when sleeping.

I`ll help you

Together we are looking for a gentle and relaxed way to put your child to sleep so that they sleep for longer periods of time, and learn to move from one sleep phase to next independently.

Sleep is much more complex than you might have thought! Personal factors which are important to find out individual for the child:

  • Sleep rhythms and sleep windows
  • Sleeping bridges and sleeping aids
  • Parental behaviour
  • Work routines
  • Permanently security from parents to create positive bonding

During our coaching your baby will learn to fall asleep in a reliable and trusting way. Elaborate parental aids (such as constant carrying, constant breastfeeding or constant running around), which only compensate for the behaviour and at some point, no longer work, are slowly, removed at the child’s pace.

“When my little one lies in bed in the evening
and sleeps blissfully,
it is as if the world would stand still.”

1-1 Coaching

Moonlight Heart Program

1-1 Coaching

Moonlight Heart Program

The Moonlight Heart baby sleep coaching includes
a program lasting 8-12 weeks (depending on the character of the child and the stressful situation of the parents). Here you will learn a new way of sleeping with joy, fun and ease on the basis of a secure, bonded relationship!

It includes:

  • 8-12 individual coaching sessions between 1-2h, individually, adapted & personal to your situation
  • Creation of a sleep log (example) or with a sleep tracker app


  • 10 accompanying videos
    For a more gentle and relaxed way to fall asleep
  • 12 worksheets
  • Support in between if there are any questions or problems or if you want to report progress (and we always have that)
  • Intensive work on your mindfulness, mindset & on the behaviour with your child
  • In addition, parents learn to support each other and to become a “team”
  • Price: € 2.400 € for 2 months, € 3.500 € for 3 months (can also be paid in instalments in a relaxed manner, we will always find a solution for you).

If you want to know more, please contact me or book an initial consultation for a fee *,
in which we analyse your individual situation, I assess your situation from my professional perspective
and give an outlook on possible courses of action.

* This initial consultation lasts between 1-1.5 hours and is billed at 155.00 (including VAT).
If you continue one of my programs, you will of course get this initial consultation for free!

I can say anything
but take a look what my participants say

“Thanks to the coaching, we were able to significantly reduce waking up at night and falling asleep works for both mum and dad, without breastfeeding and without carrying, stress-free and safe, at noon and in the evening! We have all become more relaxed and can now deal better with the few difficult situations!”

Hille & Till

“I met Janine by chance when I was really hopeless about our sleeping situation. My boys are now almost 4 and almost 2 years old.
Through the intensive time with Janine, I came back to myself, my kids and my husband…
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Surrender yourself
– from the power mum to the sleeping child


Surrender yourself
– from the power mum to the sleeping child

Is 1-1 coaching too much for you?

Then you can book my online course Surrender yourself – from the power mum to the sleeping child here. You will learn at your own pace using videos to help your baby and toddler falls asleep deeply according to the latest research and experiences from baby sleep coaching.This is suitable for babies and toddlers from 4 month till 4 years.

In the videos you will learn:

  • how you can lovingly support your baby as they fall asleep.

  • How to comfort your child according to their age
  • How you react to difficult sleep behaviour such as if your baby only falls asleep on the chest
  • How to teach your baby a rhythm, rituals and clear sleep behaviour according to their age and also know how to react when they take developmental steps or are teething, etc.
  • Price: 399 €

At your own pace! You will work through the 8 modules and videos in the member`s area independently in four weeks or more. At the same time, you have two opportunities to ask questions about the implementation, so that you also receive personal feedback.

This is what my customers say about the online course

“Surrender yourself – from the power mum to the sleeping child”

“What I particularly took away from the course is to listen to my little darling and to stay relaxed myself, because I know that I can confidently accompany him and offer him support. 
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Mareen D.

“Our big boys were really bad sleepers when they were babies, so I wanted to find out about our little one in good time and prepare before it could get difficult!
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