Hello, my name is Janine

I have been accompanying deep transformation processes for 12 years and have helped mums and families get more sleep, more heart awareness, more joy & become more at ease with each other in everyday life.

With an understanding for the child and the connection to you & your creative power, I offer support for all mothers and families who are seeking more understanding, healing and love.

When I became a mum in 2017, I experienced first-hand how challenging it is to lovingly, patiently and consciously raise young children.

Through experiencing the first sleepless years with our sensitive son, we as parents know how gruelling and exhausting going to sleep can be, how annoyed and impatient you can get in everyday life and how unhelpful the well-intentioned tips and tricks offered by others can be.

Nothing made us despair more than those sleepless nights, yet. At the same time, these are our most beautiful and most connected moments in everyday life today.

Through my ability to feel emotions strongly & my sensitivity, I am able to give feedback & offer insights that are not yet clear to you. In this way we can quickly discover both what your child`s needs are, and how best to create a more relaxed environment for the whole family.

Through systemic work and interventions, I can address subconscious emotions and difficulties in communication together we can rebuild the bond between you as parents and your child.

I use solution-oriented and holistic approaches to body therapy and open the channel for healing & contact to the inner self & your own inner child.

How I work

Therapist and systemic coach for women and families 

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and children, their inner processes have moved me and I quickly found out that I can set things in motion for them, inspire them and thus act as a helper for change.

My main theme has always been sensitivity – to feel someone, to feel me, to feel children and to set something in motion in the process. I already had this experience as a child and have now been able to expand it further.

My above-average empathy means that I was always able to perceive foreign emotions and give valuable feedback to others. 

In this way I expanded my sphere of activity and now use my own method of intuitive systemic bodywork to address the topics with which women and families approach me.

Being able to accompany these processes is always very touching and moving for me.

Because the people who get work with me always have a transformational experience. You will find more joy, ease and truthfulness which can heal past injuries and resolve obstructive beliefs.
My work has great effects not only on the lives of my clients, but also on their children, their partners, their families and their entire sphere of activity.

I find this incredibly rewarding, and it gives my life meaning and space.

My career

  • Study of speech and communication therapy (BA of Arts) 2006-2009 at the LMU Munich, many years of work in early intervention and rehabilitation for children and young people
  • Study of Speech & Communication Therapy (Master of Honour) at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, publications
  • In my work I specialized in babies and toddlers with feeding and eating disorders according to Susanne Renk (2014) and according to Castillo-Morales (2012)
  • Further training as a systemic couple & family therapist with a focus on regulatory disorders & sleep disorders in toddlers 2014-2018 (DGSF certified)
  • Further training in baby & toddler foot reflexology for more relaxation, connection, sleep & with child complaints at Floor Tuinstra (2019)
  • Training in Yoga Nidra – Transformation Sleep Lecturer at the Yoga Institute in Tilburg (2021) by Nina Voets/li>

Babies and toddlers with sleep and regulation disorders and sensitive children have always been my personal interests. Through my sensitive son, we as parents were able to learn a new and conscious relationship with our child, because the classic parenting methods were not very effective.

I’m just a mum and I live in the Netherlands with my partner and my family. Through multiple miscarriages in the early phase of pregnancy, as well as a still birth, I have dealt very intensively with the topic of the origin of life, star children & spirituality as well as the dissolution of everything that stands in the way of one’s own soul path.

My systemic background allows the family to grow together, and move away from the questions of guilt- and why something doesn’t work, towards positive solutions..

I incorporate elements of spirituality, mindfulness and energy into my work.

When I started my own business in 2018, I learned so much about myself. To grow beyond one’s own comfort zone, beyond one’s own beliefs and mindset and go on a completely new journey…. I would never have dared if I hadn’t had business coaches by my side. But then I wouldn’t be here today to run a business, to be so relaxed with my child & partner and to go to the other end of the world like New Zealand, Mauritius, the Canary Islands or the Caribbean and be able to live independent of location.

So, get out there and let me guide you on your way, it’s so worth it!

    I incorporate elements of babyreflexology and yoga nidra.

    This is what my clients say about me

    “Thanks to the coaching, we were able to significantly reduce waking up at night and falling asleep works for both mum and dad, without breastfeeding and without carrying, stress-free and safe, at noon and in the evening! We have all become more relaxed and can now deal better with the few difficult situations  …read more

    Hille & Till R. - Moonlight Heart Program

    “When we started coaching with Janine, my daughter was 14 months old. During the day she only fell asleep in the stroller and woke up almost every hour during the night and only calmed down and fell asleep again with breastfeeding.
    …read more

    Maaike & Albert N. - Moonlight Heart Program

    „The coaching has brought back so much quality of life for us and our entire everyday life has changed as a result! My daughter wasn’t a very good sleeper … When we wanted to put her to bed, she just screamed and it was a fight and I was totally desperate. …read more

    Steffi T. - Moonlight Heart & Ferntree Spirit Program

    “Thank you very much for that! It helped me a lot to talk about this emotional & gruelling topic, what burdens you, makes you sad and what annoys you.
    It feels so good to have started how to deal with the subject
    …read more

    Steffi - Mama spirit program & baby bump coaching

    “What I particularly took away from the course is to listen to my little darling and to stay relaxed myself, because I know that I can confidently accompany him and offer him support.
    …read more

    Mareen D. - "Surrender yourself" - online course


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